Our team

Reynette Fryer

Reynette Fryer studied at Stellenbosch University where she attained her B Occupational Therapy Degree in 1980. On qualifying she returned to Harare, Zimbabwe where she worked at the St Giles Rehabilitation Centre. In 1982 she returned to South Africa to marry her husband Marius. The practice was started here in East London in 1983.

Anél Cornelius

Anél Cornelius studied in Bloemfontein at the University of the Free State and completed her B. Occupational Therapy degree in 1996. She spent the following three years working in the United Kingdom and the United States of America in a variety of hospital and rehabilitation environments. Upon return to South Africa she started her own practice in cardio-thoracic rehabilitation and joined Reynette’s practice during the same year and is currently in partnership with Reynette.


We also have four dynamic full time therapists who complete the team namely Marielle Moll, Ronel Kleyn, Charisse Adams, Alyssa Karagornas.